About Us

About us

From the Director...

I personally welcome you all to Stafford House International Schools, an educational institution founded on the principles of high morals, discipline and a passion for academic excellence.
The only legacy I hold dear to my late wife is to fulfill her vision and plans for this great institution. I pledge to put into action her vision to take this institution to greater heights. Upgrades in equipment, the self-paced student development program, among others are already being implemented.
Our master plan is to be better than the best and in the coming years, Stafford will be a school of first choice not only in delta state but in the entire country, competing globally in academics, morals and sports. And with your co-operation we can take Stafford to enviable heights.
And as a parent also, I want to reassure parents of our current students and the general public, that Stafford will continue to grow and positive changes will continue to grow and positive changes will continue to be seen in every facet of Stafford International- from students, through staff and equipment/facilities. As I welcome you to this great institution.

Alex. O. Erakpotobor


The fundamental purpose of our school is learning, not teaching alone. Here, you learn how to learn.

Mrs. Mabel Erakpotobor (Late)

Founder, Stafford House International Schools

Meet Our Administrators

Mr. Innocent Opara


Principal & Member of B.O.D.

Mr. Friday Obukohwo

Vice Principal

Vice Principal & Physics Teacher


Mrs. Bridget Ogbedhere

Head Teacher Primary

Mrs. Marian Akhaze

Asst. Head Teacher Primary